Wireless Ergonomic Keyboards

Wireless Ergonomic Keyboards

A computer Keyboard is an input peripheral that is going to affect the way we use a laptop or a desktop, so we must be careful at the time of paying for it. Believe it or not a cheap keyboard could be the cause of stressed hand joints, carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist fatigue, etc. It all depends on how much time you keep using your hand with a keyboard that lacks a good ergonomic design and other user-friendly features.

Types of Keyboards

In terms of connectivity there are three types of keyboards. Wired keyboards, wireless keyboards, and Bluetooth keyboards.

Wired keyboards are the most common type of keyboards. They are plug-and-play devices and don’t required any additional installation but to hook it into a USB port on your computer. One advantage of wired keyboard is that you don’t have to be thinking about charging or buying new batteries, due to the fact they don’t use batteries. They use the same USB cable to power them. Two important disadvantages of wireless keyboards are the quick drainage of batteries and the lack of illuminated keys (most of them).

Wireless keyboards are now taking over wired keyboards. There are two types of wireless keyboards: USB dongle wireless keyboards and Bluetooth keyboards.

The USB dongle keyboard comes with a small device, which is like a USB stick but tiny and is hooked into a USB port. It also comes with a software to be installed, and the keyboard itself requires batteries to operate. Dongle wireless keyboards are becoming obsolete, nowadays.

Bluetooth Keyboards are dominating the market of technology, however, there are many people that are still interested in using a wired keyboard for its convenience and stability. It is true with a Bluetooth keyboard we don’t have to deal with the hazzle of cable clutter on our desk but if it is a desktop, it doesn’t hurt that much, besides, we won’t have to be spending time and money on changing batteries.

On the other hand, a Bluetooth keyboard gives you the opportunity to have an additional USB port you can use for any other peripheral.

 Another advantage of Bluetooth keyboard is that you can use it as a combo with a wireless mouse if they are the same brand and come together as a bundle.

Cool Computer Keyboards I Would Definitely Recommend

Ergonomic Keyboards

Computer Keyboard manufacturers are innovating the design of their keyboards to prevent or reduce problems like stress to the joints, tendon inflammation or any other hand injury caused by keyboard discomfort or overuse. Ergonomic features can range from a split design or a wrist rest pad to a curve and slope keyboard layout. In addition to that, ergonomic keyboards can also perform angle adjustment to provide a more adequate position of the hand while typing.

Gaming keyboards vs. Regular keyboards


In this case the exception to the norm is a gaming keyboard, due to the fact it has several features a regular keyboard doesn’t have. For example, a gaming keyboard comes with an installation software.

The keyboard works as soon as you plug it in but for the additional features to work, such as onboard RGB lighting, macro keys and other shortcuts, you have to install the software that comes with it.  

Game keyboards are optimized and customized for specific styles of game play and have a high level of responsiveness and durability. They are designed to impress and catch gamers’ attention with features like dramatic color schemes, mechanical switches and programmable pulsing back lighting.

Another cool feature of gaming keyboards is simultaneous key registering, also called anti-ghosting. This function lets you hit more than one key all together and register the letters at the same time, something a conventional keyboard is not enabled to do.

One more advantage of gaming keyboards is the availability of USB ports and audio connections on the keyboard to facilitate the process of connecting other devices.


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