How to Connect your Laptop to a Smart TV

We can screen mirror our laptop on the TV by using different methods. The easiest  way to do this is going to depend on the type of TV we have.  See below different ways how to connect your laptop to your TV. Choose the one you think is the most convenient for you.

Connect your laptop to a wireless-supported TV 

1- On the desktop click on "start" and then "setting"

2- Click on "devices"  then choose "connected devices"

3- Click on "add device" and wait for the devices to show up

4- Click on the TV you want to connect and that's it

If it does not connect automatically to your TV do the following:

1- Right click on your desktop and click on "display setting"

2- Click on "connect to a wireless display" and choose your wireless device

If it still doesn't work, just go to "multiple display setting" and make sure it is on "duplicate these displays" 

Also, make sure your TV is connected to the same WiFi network your laptop is. (use TV remote and go to wireless setting to verify)

Screen mirror your laptop to your TV by using Chromecast

If your TV is not wireless-supported because you purchased it a few years ago then I recommend you to get a Chromecast dongle and install it in an HDMI input on the side or back of your TV. Once Chromecast is installed and set up, follow these steps to screen mirror your laptop screen:

1- Use your TV remote control and go to the input where Chromecast was plugged in (it has to show a google image)

2- Go to your laptop and open Google or Youtube

3- Click the Chromecast symbol on the right top of your Google or Youtube page.

4- To stop screen mirroring just tap on the symbol again and click "stop casting"


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